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College Planning

SVA's CEEB Code is:  471530


Peterson's Career and College Planning--
Student Edge

Like you, our goal is to help all of our students to reach their full potential. That is why we are pleased to tell you about a very special service we are now offering through our school: Peterson’s StudentEdge. This 24-hour, easy-to-use online resource center allows your child to prepare for tests, find a college, search for financial aid, and explore careers—all in one convenient package—and at no cost to you.

Program components include:

Comprehensive college match tool linking to more than 4,200 schools with interactive profiles
The most complete financial aid tools available with more than $8 billion in public and institution-based aid in a comprehensive scholarship database 
Career resources that include a career assessment, career outlook tools and a resume builder

Accessing Student Edge

This valuable program is available for free to all of our students and their parents. We encourage you and your child to explore all of the resources available through StudentEdge. To get started, go to, click "New User".  Use the access code AGYJKYHU.

Student Edge Links:

Student Edge Instructions

Student Edge Get Started Guide

Other College/Career Planning Links:


College Navigator  
Federal  Student Aid
Bureau of Labor Statistics--Occupational Outlook Handbook
College Information - Petersons
O*NET Online
Education Planner (Grades 7-12)
Career Test Profile (Grades 9-12)
Live Career (Grades 9-12)
Similar Minds (Fun, some pointed questions) (Grades 11-12)
Career Clusters Interest Survey (Grades 8 or 10)
Career Path (Color based-fun)
The Dewey Color System is the world's first and only validated, color-based personality career testing instrument.  Based on our experience and your interests, your best suited occupations are listed


ACT Test Information (Test Center Code: 186211)
SAT Test Information (Test Center Code: 47475)

     The next scheduled SAT test is May 7