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Returning Student Registration


  1. Go to:

  2. Select the Login Tab

  3. Select Parents Web

  4. Enter District Code:  SVA

  5. Your Username (usually your e-mail account)

  6. Your Password

    1. Should you have forgotten either, please click on "Forgot Username" option

  7. Once logged in, select Family Information

  8. Select Enrollment/Reenrollment

  9. Follow directions to Reenroll

In order to expedite the registration process, print out, complete, and return all necessary forms by fax (540-740-3336) or e-mail (  For your convenience, below are the required medical forms (depending on your circumstances, there may be other medical forms needed).  Also, there are additional forms listed that you will need for registration.



Prescription Medication Administration Authorization
VHSL Sports Physical (only if planning to participate in varsity sports)



Asthma Action Plan
Epi-Pen Release
Food Allergy Emergency Care Plan
Insect Sting Allergy Action Plan
Seizure Action Plan
Health Services Info and Permissio to Treat (only if there are changes from last year)


REGISTRATION FORMS (print, fill out and return to expedite the registration process)

       Return to:  Wendy Dean at or Fax:  540-740-3336

Guardian Information Form (International Students Only)
ROK Student Information
Honor Code
Compliance/Signature Page (Please read the SVA Handbook online prior to signing)
Acceptable Use Policy


Review the following documents:

FACTS Brochure


Additional items:

Order Books

    Ignore the Search by keywords or ISBN option.  Go directly to Buy Books option. Click Submit.  Choose Department(s).  Choose Class(es). Continue with the process.

Order Uniforms
Dorm Information and Supplies
School Supplies
Summer Reading List