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COVID-19 Dorm Policy

COVID Dorm Policy Philosophy

As we approached COVID restrictions within the dormitory, one thing became predominant in discussion: the dormitory will be our students’ home away from home. Imagine if during COVID you did not have a place in which to let down your guard and decompress from everything going on. Student mental health will be exceedingly important to their success this year. It is for this reason that we have chosen to turn our attentions most strongly towards creating a proverbial “safety bubble” within our dormitory, and reducing the amount of outside contact wherever possible.

Please be aware that these restrictions apply to VA COVID Phase 3 only. We hope that in the near future, it will be safe to lift some of the restrictions currently necessary.  

Will there be restrictions on student sign -out?

Yes. At this time we are limiting student sign-out to the parent guardians of the student and SVA faculty and staff. 

Who will be allowed in the dormitory?

Parents and SVA staff will be allowed to enter the lobby area. (Other campus guests wishing to meet with dorm students will be helped to find outdoor or another open-air spot in which to visit). Only dormitory residents and essential SVA staff will be permitted beyond the lobby area.


Will there be restrictions within student rooms? 

Student roommates and suite mates (suite mates apply to girls’ dorm only) will be considered a “family unit”.  No masks will be required. When having guests in their rooms, students will be instructed to limit the total number of persons to no more than 5. Sleepovers with those outside of their “family unit” will not be allowed. 


Will masks be required in public areas of the dormitory?

Masks will be required only where there may be extended contact in which social distancing is not an option. The two areas in which this will most likely apply are the computer labs and worship room. Deans will hold worship outside wherever possible. Residents will be educated on the importance of limiting numbers in public areas as well as other safety precautions. 


What other general precautions will be taken? 
  • Hand sanitization stations. 
  • Disinfectant stations for student use placed in areas of higher contact such as the workout room and computer labs.
  • Entire dorm public area disinfection done at least twice per day.
  • Fresh air ventilation increased throughout the dormitory. 
  • Water fountains will be restricted to water bottle refill only.