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2021-2022 COVID-19 Policies

SVA COVID Policies - August 20, 2021


  • Masks will be worn indoors by all students and staff during the first 7 days after a break and during specified times when indicated by spread, or required by the state, or conference mandates.
  • Dorm students will not be required to wear masks in dormitories, as this is their home setting.
  • Masks are required on all transportation during the first 7 days after a break, then only on home leave transportation, to and from school, after that.
  • Except when masks are required indoors (during the 7 days after a leave or when indicated by level of spread, or required by state or conference mandates), masks will not be required in the cafeteria. 

NOTE: The Virginia Health Commissioner has issued an order requiring all individuals aged two and older to wear masks when indoors at public and private K-12 schools.  Information regarding exceptions and reasonable accommodations are at:


  • Quarantine and isolation protocol will be maintained and implemented.
  • Vaccinated students do not have to be quarantined unless they show symptoms.

Community Students and Family Groupings

  • Community students may visit in the dormitory lobbies, chapel and boys’ dorm weight room while exercising but may not enter any hallways. Violation of the dorm rule may result in dorm visitation restriction.
  • Community students may not enter dormitories during the first seven days after a break.
  • There are no seating requirements in the cafeteria.
  • Chapel seating will be separate according family group (girls’ dorm, boys’ dorm, village).


  • Students must follow dorm sign-in and sign-out procedures. Failure to follow procedures may result in sign-out restrictions.
  • Students may leave campus to travel to their home with someone who resides in their household (including siblings away at college).  Students may also leave campus with an SVA staff member or on school transportation for a town or school sponsored trip.
    •  As an exception to this rule, each quarter (9 weeks) students will be granted 2 weekend “passes” and 2 day “passes” to sign-out with a parent-approved driver.
    • This means that students may use a “pass” to leave campus with an approved non-family member.
    • Passes may not be used during the first 7 days after a break.
    • Passes reset at the beginning of each 9 weeks.
  • Parents and other guests may visit in the dormitory lobbies but may not enter hallways and student rooms. 
  • The dormitories will not be hosting overnight guests.

School Trips

  • Travel on school outings / trips will be limited to school transportation or the student’s parent.
  • Overnight stays are limited to housing (hotels, gyms, etc.) where students will be socially distanced from other people not part of the school group.
  • Prior to overnight trips, a detailed itinerary, with an outline of COVID precautions, will be presented to administration for approval.
Please note that policies and restrictions are subject to change based on factors which include but are not limited to, school, local, or national rate of spread, state and conference mandates, and the infectiousness of current variants.