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Quarantine and Isolation

Quarantine & Isolation Protocol

If a student shows CDC-identified symptoms of COVID-19, the following progression of steps will be implemented:
  1. School Nurse evaluation and communication to parent
  2. COVID-19 testing as indicated
  3. Precautionary quarantine until negative test results, or cleared by medical professional
  4. Ongoing monitoring and care provided by deans and School Nurse
If a student has tested positive for COVID-19:
  1. Student will be isolated and the Local Health Department will be notified.
  2. Contact tracing and notification of others who may have been exposed.
  3. Arrangements made with parents of infected student for pick-up in order for student to complete isolation off-campus.
  4. Area sanitization according to CDC guidelines.
  5. High standards and high levels of support for students unable to be in class.
If a student has had a known possible exposure:
  1. Parents will be notified of the possible exposure.
  2. Dormitory students will be quarantined in the quarantine area of their residence hall (with the option to go home).
  3. Students who are quarantined on campus will be provided with meals, water, needed supplies, supervised exercise breaks (generally walks outside), and will have daily symptom monitoring by a nurse or personnel under the supervision of the school nurse.
  4. Staff interacting with quarantined students will be in full personal protective equipment and will follow CDC guidelines. 
  5. All staff will be required to follow the above policy and self-quarantine where applicable.
  6. Village students are required to follow the above policy and self-quarantine when applicable. 
  7. Testing, time of testing and length of quarantine will be in accordance with CDC and VDH guidelines.