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School Uniform / Lands' End

SCHOOL UNIFORM DRESS CODE:  Lands’ End is our provider and all items must be purchased from our approved list.  

School Uniform must be worn at all times while in classes, classroom buildings, library, and Twomley Hall from 7:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. Non-SVA-approved outerwear may not be worn in these places and must be removed upon entering the building.

Polos:  Approved polo colors are: navy, white, evergreen, red, pink, and yellow. Nothing can be worn over the polo that isn't from our approved Lands' End school uniform list. Items worn under the polo must be a solid color.

Pants: No logo required. Must be properly sized to fit the student.  Slim-fit pants have been removed from our Lands' End list. Pants must be kept clean and in good repair.  No rips, holes or frayed hems.

Skirts:  Must come to the TOP of the knee. Leggings, hose, or tights may be worn under the skirt and must be of solid color.  Jeans, sweatpants and other types of pants are not acceptable under the skirt. 

Outerwear:  Only Outerwear from our Lands' End approved list  can be worn in classrooms, classroom buildings, library, and Twomley Hall  from 7:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. All other outerwear must be removed upon entering the building.

Hoodies are not allowed in classes, classroom buildings, library, and Twomley Hall from 7:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. The SVA Hoodie has been removed from the approved Lands' End list.


Click here to order school uniforms.

  1. Enter the School’s Preferred School Code as: 900121252
  2. Enter your student’s first name, grade level, and gender to make shopping easier.
  3. Click “Save School”
  4. Log in to your Lands' End account if you have one, or create an account. This account is what will enable you to order online and receive discounts.
  5. Once logged in you can Add Student or just continue forward and "Shop for this School".
  6. We recommend purchasing four to five polos and one or two school skirts/pants.
  7. Once you have selected which items to order, for example if you decided to order the School Uniform Girls’ Short Sleeve Feminine Fit Mesh Polo Shirt, click on the title of the item.
  8. If you already know what size your student is, select the size and color on this page. For more information on sizing, click the “Fit & Size” button to the right of the item. This will give you information including size charts, how to measure, and other helpful tips to make sure you get the correct size. No worries though, Lands' End has a no worries return policy. If something doesn’t fit right or you decide you’d rather have a different color, simply return the item to Land’s End and get a refund or exchange it at any time.
  9. Once you have decided on the size and color of an item, click “Add to Bag” at the bottom of the page. 
  10. This will give you a chance to review your “Shopping Bag” and see a subtotal.
  11. After you have reviewed your order and have ensured that the items listed here are those you would like to purchase, click the option “Start Checkout” at the top right corner of your screen. (You will most likely have to re-enter your password at this point to ensure security.)
  12. Proceed accordingly through the steps to checkout online, selecting the appropriate shipping options (so that your uniforms will arrive before school begins). Also, feel free to have the uniforms shipped directly to the school. It is important that you include the Student's Name in the address section. The address information should be entered as:
Shenandoah Valley Academy- Girls’/Boys’ Dorm
(Student’s Name) 
234 W. Lee Hwy
New Market, VA 22844
  1. Congratulations! Your order is complete!

Click here to order school uniforms