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Attendance is expected of every student enrolled as a member of a class or organization, as well as work, chapel, and prayer group experience.  Students are expected to participate in activities and field trips.  Every student may not be capable of an A in every subject, but every student is capable of an A in attendance.

At the beginning of each quarter, each student will have a credit of 100 points.  Points are deducted as follows:

Minus 1 for each unexcused tardy (up to 10 min.)

Minus 2 for each extended unexcused tardy (10-25 min.)

Minus 5 for each unexcused class or work absence.

Minus 3 for each unexcused prayer group/chapel absences

Discipline Levels—

Level 1:  80-89—Letter of Advice

Level 2: 70-79—Letter of Warning—Room Bound for two days, except for classes and work.  Meals will be taken in the dormitory.  Phone will be taken for the two days.  Community students must return home as soon as classes and/or work are completed.

Level 3:  60-69—Letter of Suspension

Level 4   59 or below--Be referred to Administration with a recommendation for withdrawal.


The Principal, Vice Principal, Registrar, Head Deans, and Nurse have the authority to excuse absences.  Absences can be excused for the following circumstances:  sickness, a death in the immediate family, or a court appearance. 

Absences due to school tours, field trips, sports events, and suspensions, will be excused if proper arrangements have been made in advance. 

Pre-Arranged AbsencesParents requesting absences for a family event, court date, college visitation, medical appointments, or foreign travel are asked to submit a written request to the Registrar for administrative approval at least one week in advance.  Once the request has been made to the Registrar’s office, students will pick up the pre-arranged absence form for all teachers and work supervisors to sign.  The form should then be returned to the Registrar's Office.  


A student is considered tardy if not seated in the classroom or at their workstation when the class or appointment begins.

A student with an “Excused Tardy” slip, should present it to the teacher and then turn it in to the Registrar.

Students will be given five days to get an absence or tardy excused.


Any work missed during an unexcused absence or tardy may not be made up.


Medical Absences will be excused for the following reasons:
  • Illness that is documented by a nurse, doctor, or dean (if the student is living in the dorm).The Dean or Nurse will notify the Registrar’s Office when a student is placed on Sick List.
    • Parents may not put a dormitory student on sick list nor excuse an absence if the dean and/or nurse has determined that the student should not be on sick list.
  • Parents must call the Attendance Hotline (540-740-2280) or send an e-mail to to notify administration of an absence. The earlier in the day the better. Please do not call the front desk or the registrar’s office. Pre-arranged absences must be go through the approval process.
  • Non-emergency medical appointments must be made during regularly scheduled home leaves.


Tardies and absences from work will be recorded on the student’s attendance record.