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Dress Code

Dress Code SY2022-2023


  • Clothing worn by Shenandoah students should always be neat, clean, and modest.
  • Garments should not be tight or form fitting. 
  • The clean-cut look will be expected rather than the faddish. 
  • No sleepwear or pajamas are allowed outside of the dormitories.
  • Shoes or sandals must be worn when a student is out of the dormitory.
  • Clothing should not advertise or reference music groups, alcohol, cigarettes, slogans, pictures that are offensive, or suggestive of a lifestyle out of harmony with Christian principles. 
  • No type of head covering is permitted in the classroom buildings, chapel, or church.  Exception:  Females may wear head scarves or wraps. 
  • Hair color must be of a natural shade.
  • Carvings in hair or slits in eyebrows are prohibited.
  • Tattoos and/or body art should not be seen.
  • Jewelry is not acceptable at Shenandoah. Please keep your wrists, ankles, ears, necks, etc. “clean” of all adornment.


The SVA school uniform must be worn in classes, classroom buildings, cafeteria, library, and the administration building between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m.

  • Uniforms must:
  • Be purchased from Lands’ End from our Lands’ End approved list (Preferred School Code:  900121252); 
  • Be properly sized to fit the student (not tight or form fitting);
  • Be kept clean and in good repair with no tears, holes, or frayed cuffs.
  • Polos:  Approved polo colors are: navy, white, evergreen, red, pink, and yellow.
  • Pants:  Must be straight leg-style, plain-front khaki pants and must be full length. “Skinny” pants or jogger-style pants are not permitted..
  • Skirts:  Must come to the top of the knee.  
  • Outerwear:  Must be chosen from our Lands’ End approved list and is the only acceptable outerwear that may be worn while in classes, classroom buildings, library, and Twomley Hall from 7:30-3:30.  Any other type of outerwear must be removed upon entering Twomley Hall or any other classroom building.
  • Acceptable items that may be worn under the uniform are:  leggings and tights under the skirt, and long-sleeved clothing under the polo; these must be a solid color. Only items from the SVA-approved list may be worn over the polo. 
  • Hoodies are not allowed in Twomley Hall from 7:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m.


  • Guys:  Dress should match the occasion.
  • Girls:
    • Banquet and class dresses/skirts must adhere to the Sabbath Attire guidelines except spaghetti straps are allowed and a halter dress with a neckline and back no lower than the parallel line from armpit to armpit front and back may be worn. 
    • Dresses/skirts must be no more than 2” above the knee (walking and standing) and may not be tight or form fitting. 
    • All young ladies must have their dresses approved by the dress committee – no exceptions. 


General dress guidelines apply. Tank tops, undershirts, sleepwear, or half T-shirts are not acceptable at any time. We ask students to wear Sabbath clothes to lunch on Sabbath; however, ties are not required for the guys.   


General and casual dress guidelines apply in the gym, weight room and during recreation events.  Only non-marking gym shoes are allowed in the gym.

  • Guys – Shirts must always be worn in mixed company.
  • Girls:
    • Spandex gym wear must be covered by regular boxer style shorts of an appropriate length. Tops must meet casual dress guidelines.
    • Shorts - At a minimum, shorts should be long enough to reach the tips of the fingers when standing and arms are held straight at the sides.  
    • Tops - Tops may be sleeveless with shoulder fabric at least 2” wide. Tops must be long enough to cover the top button of the pants or skirt. 
    • Garments should not be tight or form fitting.


  • Guys -- Dress slacks and a dress shirt are required attire for Friday vespers. Shirts must be tucked in.  Dress slacks and dress shirt with a necktie are required for Sabbath services.
  • Girls – 
    • Dresses, skirts and blouses, or dress slacks are appropriate for all Sabbath services. 
    • Sleeveless garments are allowed as long as the straps are at least 2” wide.
    • Halter tops are not allowed.
    • Necklines should be modest in cut and should be no lower than the parallel line from the top of armpit to armpit front and back.
    • Sheer material should be avoided.  
    • Appropriate undergarments should be worn to maintain modesty.
    • Hemlines should be no more than 2” above the top of the knee. Slits or openings in skirts/dresses should be modest. 
    • Garments should not be tight or form fitting. No leggings of any length are allowed.


  • Guys – Only modest swim trunks or shorts are allowed. No bikini- or “speedo”-style trunks are allowed.
  • Girls – Only modest, one-piece swimsuits are allowed. Swim shorts are required over all swimwear. Bikinis, tankinis, or any other type of two-piece swimsuit are not allowed, even if covered by a t-shirt. 


Students who work in the administration building or classroom buildings should remain in School Dress Attire. Certain campus work areas, such as the cafeteria and plant services, have job-specific work attire guidelines. Those guidelines will be presented to the student workers at the beginning of the year during orientation.


  • 1st Offense:   Faculty/Staff member will enter a behavior report in FACTS and an e-mail will be sent to parents/guardians.
  • 2nd Offense:   Step 1, plus the student will have a one-on-one meeting with the dean and a call home.
  • 3rd Offense:   Letter of Advice
  • 4th Offense:   Letter of Warning
  • 5th Offense:  Letter of Suspension


Community students are expected to wear appropriate clothing while participating in any school-sponsored activity whether it is on or off campus, i.e. vespers, outdoor church, field trips, Saturday night activities, etc. Please see the weekend update for required dress for planned activities.