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Phanstiel Hall

Dorm Experience

Living in a dorm presents unique opportunities and experiences. Learning to take care of one’s self and being responsible for one’s own actions are important steps in maturing. The varied cultures of dorm residents represent the diverse and international real world and provide opportunity to broaden one’s personal experience. Best friends living next-door, involved in virtually everything each other does paves the way for uncommon friendships to develop. Friends made in academy, and particularly through dorm life, often remain among one’s closest friends for life.
Both Hadley Hall, the girls’ dormitory, and Phanstiel Hall, the boys’ dormitory have beds, mattresses, showers and bathrooms, plus individual heating/AC unit controls that make living away from home an easier transition. Caring Deans and Resident Assistants are available to guide and support students needing help or extra support.


Head Dean

Ryan Knight 

Assistant Deans

Todd Hunt 

Alex Nesmith