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The power to think, to choose & to do...

Shenandoah Valley Academy Objectives


The object of education at Shenandoah Valley Academy is to develop students' creativity, individuality and the power to think, to choose, and to do. In meeting our seven objectives, students will learn to think and act as individuals—not mere reflectors of someone else's thoughts and actions.

Spirituality: Shenandoah students will develop a saving relationship with Jesus Christ.
First and foremost, in everything we do, we endeavor to create the best possible environment for our students and staff to strengthen their love for Jesus Christ. We expect to provide this environment in the classrooms, at work, at play, and in our worship time.

Relationships: Shenandoah students will develop strong Christian relationships that will guide their behavior.
We believe relationships are the most important determinants of behavior. As we develop loving relationships with Jesus and each other, what we do and say will guide our behavior. Special relationships are developed between our students and their Campus Parents that are the basis for trust and privileges. “Rules without relationships lead to rebellion.”

Academics: Shenandoah students will be recognized for academic excellence.
We expect our students to be serious students that accept the struggles and rewards of academic rigor and discipline. We provide assistance both in and out of the classrooms for challenged and gifted students to achieve their personal objectives.

Work Ethics: Shenandoah students will learn the value, rewards, and dignity of work.
Students are required to participate in our work/study program. We provide each student a job description, work expectations, job performance evaluations, and compensation based on performance.

Character Development: Shenandoah students will progress in developing their Christian character.
Character development includes developing Christian life-skills that enable students to think, to choose, and to act as responsible citizens in their community. This requires intentional analysis and a willingness to hold others and us accountable.

Health and Wellness: Shenandoah students will develop an awareness and lifestyle to provide ongoing health and wellness. Students will be given health risk assessments, training, and resources to follow action plans to positively impact their health and their personal wellness. Instruction in nutrition will provide training in identifying healthy foods and those to avoid/eliminate.

Fun: Shenandoah students will have fun and be noticeably happy.
Christian teenage students expect to have fun, and we will be a generous and guiding source of support to them in having long-lasting fun.

For more information contact:
Heather Leeper, Recruitment Department
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